Planting Program

Members of our group have been involved for many years in various planting programs in the Reserve. Althoughc early programs included native trees, many focussed on initial protection plants such as rapidly growing Manuka. More recent plantings have been undertaken to specifically provide biodiversity of species that will provide year round food for birds and insects. Now there is also a need for additional underplanting of some of the older mono species areas by planting of diverse trees. We are particularly keen to attract Kererū the native wood pigeons, and have been planting Puriri, Taraire, Miro, Tawa, Nikau and Kahikatea which are a favourite food sources of the fruit loving birds such as Kererū. We have also planted Kowhai, Rewarewa, Fushia, Rata trees and Harakeke (flax) which are favourite sources of nectar for Tui. It has been very satisfying to see the numbers of Tui have been increasing over the years with the increased food supply and pest control program.

We have undertaken tree plantings of over 12,000 trees and shrubs since 2007 specifically targeting year round food supplies for birds. Our thanks go to the Ōrākei Local Board of Auckland City Council and the Auckland Regional Council Environmental Initiative Fund for providing the funding for the trees. Particular thanks also go to Ellerslie Sunrise Rotary club who have funded annual tree plantings in the Reserve since 2006. The Rotary Club members have not only funded over 2000 trees, their members come and help with the planting and also have weeding sessions to care for newly planted trees and shrubs.

We would like to see a comprehensive overall planting program formulated and undertaken in Auckland parks and reserves to provide a green corridor for native birds and recreational green areas that are so needed with the proposed increase in density of housing in Auckland City. For instance, the Stonefields development of the nearby former Winstone's Quarry provides an opportunity for the landscaping to include food supply plants and shrubs for birds. There is a great opportunity to link up existing reserves such as St Johns Bush, Pourewa Creek, and Tahuna Torea areas by residents also planting native trees and undertaking pest control to act as a corridor across Auckland. The Eastern Bays Songbird project can provide information and resources to residents.

We will continue the planting program in the winter of 2023 . It is a daunting task looking at 1500 trees that are to be planted but when so many local people turn up its normally finished in two hours. If you are interested in helping with our planting program please .