Pest Control

The Reserve is in the midst of an urban environment and, as in all cities, rats are plentiful. One of the most beneficial tasks that we can do for the native birds is pest control. Our community group is helping to carry out a volunteer pest control program with Auckland City Council Parks to control rats and possums which decimate the birdlife and new tree growth. As well as rats and possums eating the eggs and plant food supply of birds they also scour the forest floor and eat insects which are part also part of the birds supply of food. Our thanks to the Auckland City Council for providing assistance for this program and to the Ōrākei Local Board for providing funding for this program.

Pest Control program volunteers wanted

We are looking for volunteers to help with this program. Typically volunteers spend 1 to 2 hours a month helping to:

  • Check and bait traps
  • Record possum and rat catches
  • Monitor animal pest numbers

This is a worthwhile way to contribute to the environment and our community. No experience is needed, and training and equipment is provided. Pest control programs are known to have had huge success in many areas including Waiatarua. We have seen large increases in bird numbers. After about a year of pest control typically the insect population recovers from the rat decimation, and the birds flourish. We are inspired by tales of flocks of 10 or more fantails and many Tuis singing in the Reserve. If you would like further information or to take part in the program please .


The central wetland acts as a stormwater treatment device and provides a great habitat for wetland birds. Ongoing maintenance is required from Council to control excessive weed growth and keep adequate circulation in the wetland area.