Waiatarua Reserve

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Waiatarua Reserve

The Waiatarua Reserve is a unique haven in the midst of the city for people and birds. We are a community group working towards making the Waiatarua Reserve a unique ecological jewel for residents and for future generations by;

  • Planting native trees and shrubs to provide year-round food for birds and insects
  • Carrying out a volunteer pest control program with Auckland City Council Parks to control rats and possums which decimate the birdlife and new tree growth.

The Reserve is a great place to come walking the dog, running, playing with the family and we also want to make it a place where forest and wetland birds, butterflies and insects can live and flourish.

We welcome new members. If you would like to contact us and / or to join in on any community plantings or the volunteer pest control program, please click on the box below.

Wood PigeonMonarch Butterfly

We hope that Native Wood Pigeon Kererū and Red Admiral Kahukura could be seen in the midst of our city.